Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow. Snow. Snow. Ski. Ski. Ski.

It's beautiful! The trails are open for skiing. We had about 8 inches which should put down a real nice base for back country skiing. The best skiing location is Lukes Trail on the top of the mountain. The snowmobilers usually have it packed nicely and from Lukes you can get to the rest of the trail system to check things out. Rick and I usually run out of gas by the time we do Lukes and Rim to the hang glider launch, so we end up heading back the same way we came. That's about a 3 hour tour on back country skis. If you are skating (yes, you can skate on Lukes and Rim because the snowmobiles groom things fairly nicely for skating), stay on the areas where the snowmobiles keep it packed. Have fun!

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