Friday, August 14, 2009

8-14-09 BASH Update - Get Your Registrations in!

We're down to the final two weeks of getting everyone registered so you can get a t-shirt and chicken dinner. I mentioned in the previous post, the t-shirt guy and the chicken guys need the orders by the end of August. So click on the below link (previous post) and get registered! And for you vegetarians -- we just confirmed VEGAN lasagna this year; no eggs, no dairy, no meat. You'll get the lasagna in place of the chicken and still get all the fixings that come with the chicken (tater, cole slaw, roll). Keith confirmed two acoustic guys for the Saturday evening entertainment. You asked and you received. Folks were not happy with the bands and the suggestion was made for something a little more camper-friendly (at the campsites), so these guys will be down by the campsites on Saturday evening rather than sitting under the pavillion all night. Lastly, Keith was contacted by a gal who has a food truck and wondered if we'd be interested in her setting up for the weekend. We're still working out the details on that and will let folks know via e-mail if confirmed. She sells things like pulled pork, BBQ, eggs, etc -- the normal "food truck" types of things. Might be nice for people who don't really want to camp-cook. Fun stuff! It's all coming together -- just like other years. Gonna be a good time again.

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