Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Ride Report

Oh what a beautiful day -- the rains held out, the trails are in tremendous shape, no mechanicals, and a group of about 9 made for a perfect group ride day. Since the group was small, we all rode together and those that felt like they were done, headed back when they felt like it. The group was Ricky Brown, Keith Whitcomb, Brian Arnold, Andrea Strubhar, Mike Althouse, Joe Daversa, Emory (who actually went on his own with two folks unfamiliar with the trails), Rick Michael, and jill. There was a 9:00am crowd too - Rick Begley and company (why don't they ever ride with us????). Dale Shomper gets man-of-the-day recognition. He took the chainsaw while the rest of us were riding, and got down some of the nasty logs that have been hanging around for awhile -- mainly the one on the top of Rattling Creek that you had to crawl under and wondered when that sucker was going to fall on top of you. We can't thank Dale enough. That one required about a mile hike in with chainsaw in hand. Emory also did his deed on Doc Smith with a nice hand saw. Our club has some of the best members - thank you, thank you, thank you. The ride? Excellent. Its rare there are no mechanicals, but today was the day. The group started breaking apart at about mile marker 10, and two die-hards stuck it out the whole loop. Food awaited and the festivities of the welcome summer biker-picnic began. The 9:00 am crowd joined in on the socializing and all had a good time - thanks for coming out!

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