Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 2009 RCST Mountain Bike BASH Update

The BASH - to be held September 10, 11, 12, and 13 this year -- has been and always will be capped at 150 attendees. It keeps it manageable for the organizers and also maintains that close-knit, family-like bonding feeling you've all grown to love so much. You know, the mountain biker camaraderie at its best. The past two years we sold out as the word spread about the family reunion we hold each fall. In 2007, we just hit the limit and last year, we went over by about 20 with late arrivals. And this year? Its February, and we're already at 25 paid, registered comrades. We're planning the best yet -- complete with 10th anniversary t-shirts, a VEGAN meal rather than vegetarian (you meat eaters wouldn't understand), GONDER'S is confirmed (he giggled when I called to reserve the date -- one year Keith "forgot" to call Gonder and we almost didn't get him -- ever since that Gonder laughs when I call, and not Keith.), and the prize table will have QUALITY items this year, not quantity. Griz is firing up the oven for 8 custom RCST mugs. We plan to have maybe 20, really nice swag items this year (think bike stand, maybe a fork, maybe a set of pedals - items to be determined - ideas welcome). Oh, and the design is done for the t-shirt, subject to the club president's approval. But we think he'll like it. So the BASH planning is coming along nicely. If you were late with registration last year - I'd recommend you NOT be late this year! Do you want turned away???


kevinb said...

hey ya know its big when i sign up this early!!

trainwreck said...

bring that pontzer kid with you too biatch!