Saturday, July 5, 2008

Firecracker Ride report

Ma Nature did it again...she scared everyone away! Well, not everyone. Emory Ehrenfeld and Rick Begley did their own group 'cause Jill, being the handicap, kept the pace slow for Rick Brown and Dave Reed. Actually, Rick and Dave dusted Jill and had to wait on her at spots. Rick was feeling pretty full of himself! Emory and Rick Begley were out about 3 hours and the other group came in after about 1 3/4 hrs. We still grilled meat and veges, and enjoyed some socializing. Mother nature pretty much spritzed all day with some breaks inbetween. There was another group of 3 from the Lancaster area that joined in on the picnic, an yet another group of 3 that was riding from another part of the forest, stopping to get some eats. We certainly had plenty! Oh, and Emory reports there are some more trees down. Rick and Jill should be getting to them soon.

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