Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday's Ride - a Group of Raindrop Dodgers

5 die-hards fought off raindrops on Sunday morning to make the trek up Deep Hollow to make the spaceship siting official and on record. Well, that was Jill's stupid idea, the rest really wanted to just get a good ride in. Donna and Brett Weiser, Christina Bohensky, Don Pagano and the Spaceship Chaser bundled up, then decided to un-bundle by the time we got to the top of the mountain.
The chosen route made a right—hand turn toward the hang-glider launch to continue to the alien spaceship. Upon arrival, a praise was in order and a promise from the aliens of no anal probes; then the blessing of the ship and ground it sits on. The curious question of the day… “Does anyone know this is here?” There’s no fence, no “stay away” signs…just the ship in the middle of the field. And knowing the kids, and what they do up there… “dr…smo…f…” they are bound to find this too. (but we hope we are all wrong).

Onward we plodded… starting on Rock’s Ridge West, we hopped, bounced, and trudged through some rocks – Chrissy and Don leading the way and losing the rest of us rather quickly. B and J stopped for D, at which time D decided possibly the rocks were a bit too wet, and a bit too much today, so D and J opted for a more enduring ride, rather than a damaging ride (in more ways than one!). They continued across the top of the ridge doing a huge loop, passing the new NWTF Hunting Ramp off Lukes Trail, then down the mountain, and started back in Lykens road/Doc smith, then Lykens road to White oak and back home via IronMine. Don/Chrissy/Brettster enjoyed the remainder of Rock’s Ridge, Matter, Dry run, Rattling Creek, and I’m not sure what they did after that, but I know they ended up climbing White oak. There was some discussion and very hard looks and laughter at some point about “sucking Don…” but actually it was “sucking Dawn…" after cleaning the camelbak with Dawn detergent. But it didn’t quite come out right making it funny as hell – thanks for the chuckles Miss Chuckler, Chrissy! The 3-hour tour ended with some sunshine and temps of about 50. No blood, broken bones, nor broken bikes… some would say that wasn’t a good ride. But I believe we all felt it was a fine day in Weiser. And the odds are growing folks…it was a 60/40 ride –3 niners and 2 26’ers. And the future may hold a 80/20 ride with this same group. Niners ROCK.

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