Thursday, January 17, 2008

BASH Planning Underway

Two of the most important parts of the BASH for 2008 are CONFIRMED -- no not the trailer of beer -- but Camp Muckelratz if reserved for the weekend from Thursday evening around 4:00ish, to Sunday afternoon around 4:00ish, and of course our famed caterer, GONDER's GRUBB HOUSE is confirmed. Last year, we almost lost Gonder for the Day. Between Gonder and his yellow sticky notes everywhere not exactly sure what's on his calendar and what's not, and Keith not quite remembering if 1) he called Gonder and 2) did he give him the right date, when the time finally came to confirm, Gonder didn't have us on his calender! And he had 3 other events that same day. So...Gonder loving as much as he does, figured it all out, called in the extra help, and showed up with his belly-bustin yummy chicken. So this year, when he got his new calendar on January 1, I was on the phone with him on January 2 confirming the dates. He laughed like hell when I called and said "you're calling already!@!!" And I said, YUP! We ain't messin' up this year. Turns out Gonder DID already have a wedding on his calendar, but its not unusual for him to do 2-3 events in one day. So he's confirmed and has us down for the BASH, and we're happy to have him back again as you are too, I'm sure! We did have to change the price of the extra chicken dinners to $8.00 this year cause that's what Gonder charges us. We were losing money on the extra dinners other years! DOH!

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