Thursday, April 11, 2013


Yes, we are still here. Lot's going on behind the scenes, but all the T's are crossed and the i's are dotted. SAMBA is now an official IMBA Chapter group, encompassing the awesome Rattling Creek Trails. Below is the general meeting info, hope you can attend and see what we are up too.


SATURDAY MAY 4th:    4:00pm - 6:00pm

At the new Al’s of Hampden
2240 Millenium Way
Enola, PA 17025

·        Tour the new Pizza Boy Brewery facility

     ·        Meet SAMBA representatives for all riding areas supported by SAMBA

·        Socialize with other mountain biking enthusiasts

·       Hear about upcoming organized riding opportunities


SAMBA is Central PA’s newest IMBA chapter club and has been 
newly reorganized to assist in expanding riding opportunities.

·         To protect and encourage mountain
 bike trail access
·         To create positive working relationships
 with area land
management agencies
·         To provide information, education and support to
 Central Pennsylvania mountain bike riders


Monday, November 19, 2012

Trail Work Success!!!

Thanks to all who helped with the trail work this past Sunday, 8 workers for a total of 27 man hours. We had enough people and resources to split up into 2 groups, trail cleanup and bridge restoration.  

Everyone helped get the new treads carried down to the bridge, we then split up to get it done. Crew 1 worked on replacing the bridge treads on the large bridge on Rattling Creek trail, as well as adding braces that were missing since the bridge was recovered and reassembled after last years hurricane flooding.

New treads and braces, looks great and solid!!!

Crew 2 went out with chainsaws to clear Sandy's damage. Doc Smith and Rugged Trail had the most damage, over 12+ trees down.

Two trees, 1 picture!!!

We were done by mid day, so everyone got out to ride and enjoy the brisk and beautiful day. There are 2 trees down that require dismounts (one on Preserve Line after you turn left and up from Fawn Kill, and another on Shale Run getting closer towards Minnich Hit), hoping to get them addressed soon. There are a few others down, but they can be ridden!! Overall, trails are good, come and get em!!

Remember hunting season is in, Bear is in through Saturday, and Deer starts next Monday for 2 weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trail Work Day Sun Nov 18

I know I mentioned an upcoming trail work day in my last post, and it looks like there is some interest in trying to put a last minute one together for this Sunday Nov 18.

The main focus is to install the new bridge treads on the large bridge on Rattling Creek Trail. The treads are already pre cut, we will need help getting the new treads down to the bridge, tearing the old treads off, installing the new ones, and getting the old ones back up to the road. It also sounds like most of the downed trees are on Doc Smith, so we would like to get that trail cleared up. It won't take too many people to get this all done in a short period of time, the goal would be to meet around 8AM and be done by Noon. A few people for the deck project, and maybe 2 small crews for log cutting. Bring your bike to ride afterwards.

If we get lots of people coming to help, there are also a few spots that could really use some brush cutting, we could send a group with at least 1 brush cutter and maybe 2. 

If you would like to help, please let us know in the comment section below.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov 11 - Perfect day in the woods

A beautiful Nov day brought many riders to Rattling Creek Sunday. When we got back to Minnich Hit there were at least a dozen cars in the lot, and I am sure some at the East lot too.

Post Sandy, trails are in pretty good shape. Our group had enough man power to move some decent size deadfalls. We needed the handsaws for a few others, and moved lots of large sticks. Trails were easy to follow, leaves down but not thick and heavy like other places I have been lately.

Unfortunately I didn't get out to check out Doc Smith (heard there were a few trees down there), Hopback, or the East Loop. The rest are not too bad, a tree down on Fawn Kill right by the 3 log rollover we took care of last time, and a few others but they are mostly rideable. There was definitely some water flowing and a lot more erosion out on Fawn Kill through the technical rock gardens.

Thinking of getting a trail day together sometime in the near future. Would like to do clean up any lingering downed trees and maybe do some brush cutting. There is also new decking cut and ready to replace on the large bridge on Rattling Creek Trail from last years storm damage. Will work on a date and post it up soon.

If you were out and have any other trail updates, trees down, etc please feel free to comment below.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


There will be an open house on Oct 21 hosted by the Friends of Weiser. They are a multi use group supporting hikers, bikers, hunters, horses, and hang gliders in the Weiser Forest, home of the IMBA Epic Rattling Creek Trails. They have done some great work in the past and have some new projects lined up. SAMBA will be in attendance with a booth too, as well as other user groups. The open house will take place from 11AM-2PM in the main parking lot of Haldeman Tract on White Oak Road by the Forestry Office (and by Camp Muckleratz). 2834 White Oak Road, Halifax, PA 17032

They will be offering a Chicken Barbecue as a fundraiser, please preregister at:  There may be a few extra dinners available day of, but purchasing them in advance will guarantee you get one and help with the planning. The Bike Reg deadline for ordering is Monday Oct 15 at 5PM, so please order now!! We want to show how much the MTB community appreciates these trails and the hard work that is done to keep Weiser such an awesome place to ride. If you preregister for a meal and don't make it, we will donate them to the Bethesda Mission. If you can't make the event but want to make a donation anyhow, you can enter that amount and do it. Please consider becoming a member of the Friends group, they will keep you abreast of their happenings, work days, etc in Weiser.

So, sign up, come out and ride your bikes in the AM, and finish at the Open House to eat and socialize. 

Here is the link to the Friends group: 

Please preregister and see you on Oct 21

Monday, October 8, 2012


Okay, this may be the first time you have seen all three of these groups combined together, but there are positive changes on the way. Over the last couple of months there have been meetings with a renewed group of individuals to take mountain bike riding in the Central PA area to the next level. Shortly Samba will be an IMBA chapter club and Rattling Creek will be part of the territory!!

SAMBA has done an incredible job of building both relationships and trails at Swatara State Park, Camp Mack, and Governor Dick over the years. Their successes and track record will be an asset to the future of mountain bike riding at Rattling Creek, and beyond!! There will be an organized plan and agenda for both current and future opportunities in the south central area.

Rattling Creek recently received IMBA epic status. This area is a testament to the vision of Keith, Rick and Jill who made it a reality many years ago. After tons of hard work, 10 years of Bash's, etc, they have minimized their involvement. We were able to get their blessing to include this area under the Samba/IMBA plan to continue the legacy they created. We have been in contact with many locals who have taken trail work into their own hands, and they are excited to be involved with SAMBA to continue its Epic status.

We are already working on some potential opportunities to increase riding areas in central PA. The goal is to have fun, ride our bikes, and offer multiple local areas to enjoy for riders novice through expert.

More info coming soon. Don't hesitate to comment with your thoughts or ideas.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 23 update

The trail gnomes were out this morning. Emory, Joe and myself got all the trees cleared off of Fawn Kill. We made a log ramp out of the triple downed tree section, rode it later and it was nice and smooth!! Also did some trimming since we we walked the entire trail, no more face slappers on Fawn Kill for now.

After trail work got out and did a loop of all the singletrack, trails are riding great and good to go. Any trees down are easily rideable. Enjoy, and remember hunting season is quickly approaching. Lot's of hunters in the woods and on the dirt roads, so keep your eyes open.